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I’ve written about DuoLingo before, the free game-ified way of learning languages that I prefer to Rosetta Stone.  Here’s why I prefer it to Rosetta Stone.

They just announced that they are releasing new languages.

In addition to Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Irish, Swedish, Dutch, and Danish, you can now learn:

  • Turkish
  • Esperanto
  • Norwegian
  • Ukrainian
  • Hungarian
  • Klingon

There was a ThinkGeek April Fools joke that advertised Rosetta Stone’s Klingon, but it looks like DuoLingo is doing this for real.

I also came across this video of a kid who learned to speak English in eight months using DuoLingo (in addition to Skyping with native speakers and chatting on WhatsApp).

And to think I was proud of myself for being able to properly order dinner in Russian after years of study.

See 3:14 into the video.

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