The Future is Now: Play Your Music on a Floating Death Star

Yesterday, I discovered a new area of Amazon, LaunchPad.

It features cutting-edge technological products from start ups.  So I spent a good chunk of yesterday just browsing through the different products on it.

And then I came across the magical death star.

death star blue tooth

Okay, so it doesn’t CALL itself a death star, but it doesn’t need to.  It looks pretty darn close.

death star

The ICEORB portable wireless floating bluetooth speaker system is available for $150.

Since it is portable, I wondered what happens if the device runs out of power.  Does the orb roll off and get destroyed when it hits the floor?  Would seem apt for the death star.

But apparently the magnets are set up in such a way that when the power runs out, the base’s magnets attract the orb rather than repel it.

The base also has multiple ports to charge your smart devices, which makes it great for travel.  You can plug in one device, listen to some relaxing music, and recharge.

Oh, and death star.

<drops innocuous comment about her birthday coming up>

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  1. That’s awesome! You know what could go really nice with that? Perhaps a Death Star Ice Ball for your favorite adult beverage? ( lol.

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