CoverGirl Releasing Star Wars Themed Make-Up Line

Nope, you can’t make this up.

Choose the light side or dark side as you select your color palate from CoverGirl’s make-up line.  The light side’s make-up is waterproof, where is the dark side’s mascara will run its evil course–running down your face when you least expect it.

This is a much better idea than CoverGirl’s ill-advised Hunger Games themed make-up line where you could recreate the looks of the Capitol (did they watch a movie?).

The looks are releasing September 4th and include themed mascaras, such as Yoda’s “Do or do not, there is no try.” Which explains most of my attempts at mascara.  Spoiler:  I should choose to do not.


They haven’t released all the looks, but here’s a shot of two upcoming ones.

But Nerdist has the sneak peak into all the actual colors of lipsticks and nail polishes that will be released.

Sadly, I’m tempted to buy them all.  Especially the Yoda mascara.  Because Yoda.

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  1. They’ve done this successfully with James Bond / Bond Girl 007 themes in the past as well.

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