Help Someone Complete His Bucket List

While working on a show, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Emma Earnest.

She has had a complicated background–her only parent was in a motorcycle accident twelve years ago and her grandparents took custody of her and her two brothers.

When her grandparents did this, they put all their retirement plans and dreams on hold to take care of the kids and put them through college.

Emma tells the story here.

She doesn’t know I’m posting about this. But Emma has a GoFundMe set up where she is trying to raise money to send her grandfather on the trip he’s always wanted to go own.

Her grandfather has cancer now, so she would like him to be able to take a trip while he can.

Details are here.

But beyond financial help–this is a community that knows a lot about travel.

If you have anything you are willing/able to give, please do!  But also, I’m looking for your best tips in helping Emma’s grandfather go on the trip of his dreams.

I’m going to meet with her to talk through her options, but the more information–the better!

Thanks in advance, everyone!

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