Sausage Crust Pizza for $95?

Last night, someone sent me a beautiful thing.

A pizza shop in Chicago makes its pizza–not with wheat–but with a sausage crust.




I was drooling all over my computer screen.

Of course, today, this pops up:


Now I am seriously considering flying out to Chicago for some pizza.  Well, not just ANY pizza—SAUSAGE CRUST pizza.


And I start wondering, am I crazy?  But how many times do you get to jet set somewhere for lunch at a reasonable price?

What do you think–crazy?  Have you ever flown anywhere for food?

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  1. did it today. Went for Pecan Lodge for Brisket and Beef Ribs on a $106 AA LGA-DFW fare

  2. I flew to New York to dine on Kosher delicatessen for lunch and returned home later that evening.

  3. I’ve driven 4 hours to have lunch with a friend then drove back home. So eight hours in a car for a two hour lunch. So not crazy to fly to Chicago for pizza…..if I wanted that pizza I’d be tempted to drive to Chicago to get it. Its only a four hour drive….,lol

  4. Awesome, go for it!

  5. Drove 1000 miles roundtrip to K.C. to eat at Arthur Bryants- was totally wotrh it.

  6. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

  7. I flew to Houston to try wine-in-a-can. 😛

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