FancyHands Personal Assistant New Texting Option Saved My Butt

I’ve written about how I’m a huge fan of the FancyHands personal assistant service–especially for travel related items.

Read this for an overview of the service.

Recently, they added an option where you can text requests that need to be done immediately to them.  Through that, they charge a task per certain number of minutes they spend on your request.  So if you need really quick things done, you can get multiple items completed and it will only count as a task.

I was on a local train in a tunnel when the Amtrak website crashed while I was making an award reservation and it ate all my points.

I was booking a train that left in forty minutes, but I had no idea if I had a ticket or not.  But my signal wasn’t stable enough to make a phone call to Amtrak.  So I texted FancyHands.





I didn’t have to do anything myself and my problem was solved.  I didn’t get on the train I wanted, but I also wasn’t in a rush.  Amtrak’s points take an hour to post back to your account and they have no way of pushing them faster–so FancyHands did everything they could have done.

My stress levels were low because I was pretty confident my problem would get solved.  And I still had time left on my task, so I can text them again for free.

If you’d like to try them out, I have a referral link that will get you 50% off your first month.  It will also give me referral credit too, though.

Want to try out a task for free?  Leave a comment about your most stressful travel situation and I’ll choose someone to have a free FancyHands task.  (This is not sponsored by FancyHands–it will come out of my pool of available tasks).

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  1. My wife and i were in egypt for our honeymoon and were unable to return to US because Continental had accidentally cancelled the return portion of our flights. Got to watch our flight leave while trying to get it straightened out. Ended up paying or a different flight home and fighting for 2 months to get it reimbursed.

  2. I booked 2 Etihad Airways tickets via Priceline and there was a schedule change which wasn’t working out for me, so I requested alternate flights for no fee and my request was granted by Priceline. However, since the time my tickets were reissued, Eithad has had 2 more schedule changes and the last one isn’t working out for me again. I contacted Priceline again to allow me to switch to alternate flights for no fee, but per Priceline, Etihad will only allow me to switch my flight back to the original day that my tickets were initially booked for and will not allow further changes for no fee. This is strange because the reason why I switched my flight was because the flight on the original day does not work for me as a result of the schedule change to begin with. This has been very stressful and time consuming and I could really use a free FancyHands task.

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