Frontier on a Race to the Bottom with Spirit?

Tiff wrote about Spirit Airlines’ seat pitches (as compared to other airlines).  Spoiler:  it didn’t fare very well.  The seat pitch in coach is 28″ as compared to other airlines.

But their big comfy seats have seat pitches of 36″, which is comparable to nicer seats on other airlines too (and competitive with some first-class cabins!)  Their premium seats, such as exit rows, are 38″.

Frontier Airlines has been moving to an ultra-low-cost carrier model, much like Spirit, over the last few years.  So everything costs extra.

My friend John M. recently flew Frontier.  Knowing it is a low-cost carrier, he paid extra for the seats with more leg room.

The results?

tray table no legs

tray table with legs


His knees literally went into the seat in front of him.

Good thing he paid for the extra leg room.  He would have had to tuck his legs into that tray table.

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  1. And your “friend” named John was somehow surprised by this?

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