Silicone Falsies Being Used to Smuggle Meth

A while back, I discovered that it is technically legal to carry wine on the plane in your bra.

I started investigating that after I researched another incident–a man had his falsies confiscated out of his bra when he went through TSA security because they contained more than 3 ounces of liquid.

This confused me because I’ve made it through security with a variety of bras and the only time TSA considered confiscating my bra was when the agent had an issue with the under-wire.  I also figured people use augmentation for medical purposes pretty often too, so couldn’t imagine it would illegal.

When I looked at the law, not only were the falsies allowed (for either medical or augmentation purposes), but the law was also gender-neutral.

This made me happy because I don’t want people–especially breast cancer survivors–going through security and getting their bras confiscated.  (Though this hasn’t stopped the agents from trying on occasion).  Plus, many people use bras with, er, liquid encouragement.

But I discovered another thing about the rule.  In addition to being gender-neutral, the rule was liquid neutral.  Meaning, it did not specify a specific liquid had to be used.  Just that liquid was allowed when augmenting the bosom.

Which led to my next conclusion.  Since the liquid was not specified, technically, you could carry more than three ounces of wine aboard.  It just had to be in your bra.


Mind you, you cannot drink the wine in the air due to federal regulation, but you are more than welcome to bring your wine through security and to a nice, warm body temperature on your flight.

Some people expressed concern about what this could mean for other liquids and items through the comments and on Twitter.  Sure enough, a few years later, someone has thought to smuggle stuff through falsies.

In this racket, Chinese nationals were smuggling liquid meth into Australia through–you guessed it–silicone falsies.  Investigators spent three-months staying abreast of the situation, gathering key evidence.  The resulting drug bust led to them discovering 53 gallons of meth.  In fake boobs.

Now these weren’t smuggled through security–they were found in shipping containers.  But I don’t see any reason why someone would be stopped for having them in their bras.  Unlike the wine situation, this act would be illegal since, well, it is illegal to have, sell, and transport meth.

But if I see one of those drug stuffing dogs go after someone’s bra, now I’ll know why.

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  1. Silicon is the element that makes up lots of rocks, sand and glass. Silicone, while it does contain silicon, is quite different, and that is what breast implants are made of.

  2. I had seen these fillable bras advertised the other day as a way to get drinks into concerts and other hard to smuggle places.

    It is quite interesting the little loopholes in the airport security rules. I wonder if it applies to butt implants :).

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