Help Us Raise Money for Give Kids The World Village While We Run Around Like Crazy

I am joining a crazy group of folks in attempting to ride every ride at Disney World in one day to raise money for Give Kids The World Village through the Parkeology challenge. You can help encourage our hijinks by pledging a donation based on each ride we ride here (or just donate a lump sum based on your guess on how many rides we will ride!). I am lucky enough to join Ed of Pizza in Motion, Summer of The Points Guy AKA Mommy Points, and Richard Kerr of Bilt Rewards to attempt this feat.

Before we get into the craziness of our challenge, I’d love to tell you more about Give Kids The World Village. Give Kids The World Village is a special resort where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families can go to enjoy a weeklong, cost-free fantasy vacation. It is not only free but also all-expense-paid, including visits to the major theme parks and nightly village activities. This is an amazing cause that we are proud to raise money for.

You can find out more about Give Kids The World Village here. I mentioned this challenge at my hair salon the other day, and my stylist told me the story of how Give Kids The World Village helped in his situation. I don’t want to divulge someone’s private history, but I was impressed by the amount of thought Give Kids The World Village put into the experience they brought him and his family.

And as a reminder, the donation link for our challenge is here.

Now for the challenge–we are doing the Parkeology challenge this coming Wednesday. It is a challenge to ride every ride in one day at Disney World (including all four theme parks!)

The four theme parks in Disney include Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. For you Disney world fans, you will know that the Parkeology Challenge is crazy since it involves doing all four parks in one day.

I have not been to Hollywood studios since the Star Wars Experience opened, so I am really excited to do the Parkeology Challenge at Hollywood Studios, BUT the biggest challenge for Ed will be to keep me moving instead of studying the details of each area.

For those of you who are less than familiar with Disney World, Magic Kingdom has about 25 roller coasters and thrill rides while Epcot has 10 or so roller coasters. The Parkeology Challenge requires us to ride every single one in one day, so that is a lot of Dramamine for me. I’m up for the challenge though!  And you can donate here. 

Since the day will involve a lot of running, I went on a very literal test run with my outfit for the day. I’ll be loaded up with caffeine pouches and phone power packs to keep both me and my device energized throughout the day.

a woman taking a selfie

Encourage our craziness and help all the kids who deserve a great Disney vacation by pledging some funds here.

And more about the Parkeology Challenge–The Parkeology Challenge was created by Shane and Ted of the Parkeology Blog. Their blog is a great place to go if you want to learn more Disney World tips and tricks.

If you want to follow the Parkeology Challenge day trip on social media, here are the accounts to follow:





And you can follow us on Facebook via our Event Page here.

So, what do you think about our attempt? Would you be up for this kind of challenge at Disney World? Comment below!

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