20% off Amazon, Disney Aircrafts, and $49 Flights

If you have an American Express and an Amazon account, you may be able to get 20% off your order (up to $50 savings).

All the details are here on Deals We Like.  Unfortunately, you have to go through the trouble of linking your accounts before you find out whether you are eligible.

Amazon app on a cell phone.
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Disney is working with Southwest Airlines on plane designs.  And you possibly could win a prize if you get a selfie with a Disney plane.

Disney pixar monsters characters
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Here’s a Pixar themed one:



Southwest has a huge sale going on right now.  Some fares are $49 each way.  Discounts include international flights.

Running with Miles has some tips on how to take advantage of the sale even if you booked your travel alreadyCheck it out.

Southwest Airline Plane in the air
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