Get 10% off Uber Rides, 10% Back from Hyatt, and Milk-Based Gin

If you are a regular Uber user, you’ll want to jump on this deal.

You can purchase Walmart Gift Cards for 10% off.

And while it would be a nice gift to a friend, it would be an even nicer gift to yourself.


uber app


Hyatt’s current promotion gives you 10% of your points back after summer award stays.

This customer-friendly offer does not require you to rebook any of your summer award travel to qualify.

 Details are here.

Hyatt Hotel Olive Seattle

I’ve slung a lot of drinks in my life, but I’ve certainly never made one with a milk-based gin before.  No, it isn’t a creamy gin.  Rather, it uses the sugars of the milk for distillation instead of grains/potatoes.  Fascinating stuff!

cow milk

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