Skip the Immigration Line in London, Hotel Birthday Year Promo, and Comfortable Travel Shoes

There’s a giveaway going on at MonkeyMiles where you can win a Fast Track Pass to skip ahead in the immigration line at London.  All you need to do is sign up for the newsletter.  The winner will be chosen on July 21st.

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Harlan from Out & Out shows off his new travel shoes.  He apparently only travels with one pair of shoes (whereas I flew Pensacola for the day with three pairs).

See what he named the #1 travel shoes.

For picks for women, here are my three top shoes for travel.

a close up of a shoe

Did you know SPG (Westin, Sheraton, etc.) has a pay your birth year promo going on right now?  Us millennials lose out here because the promo lets you pay the last two digits of your birth year for the second night of your hotel stay.

This reminds me a little of the Ground Round restaurant’s promo where kids meals cost whatever your weight was on certain nights.

…which is incredibly bizarre now that I think about it.

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