When Airplanes Are Hilariously Out of Place in TV Shows

Often, TV shows use stock background photos or stock videos to set the scene.  Sometimes, this causes interesting anomalies.

For example, the exterior of a plane could be a 747, but the interior is a DC-10.




I was watching How I Met Your Mother when something caught my eye.

Specifically, this.

aircal how i met your mother

(The mirror image is due to the way the person uploaded the file to YouTube).

AirCal was acquired by American Airlines in 1987 and at the time this was filmed, there were no AirCal planes flying around.

Funny enough, there are AirCal planes flying around now.  They were part of the Heritage plane series American Airlines rolled out, and was the last they completed.

US Airways created “throwback” planes, designed to represent the airlines they’ve acquired over the year.  I used to love to see the Piedmont plane.

American Airlines has continued the tradition.

From USA Today:

American Airlines has rolled out the last of its “Heritage Plane†paint jobs that pay homage to the carriers in its merger family tree.

The latest two classic liveries are for TWA and AirCal, each of which was acquired by American and folded into the American brand. American acquired AirCal in 1987 and TWA in 2001. AirCal became the last of American’s seven Heritage Planes to begin flying passengers when it went back into service on Sunday.

Here’s the throwback for AirCal, from American Airlines’ online press kits:

aircal heritage plane

I love the look to this plane.

But back to the episode.

You can spot the AirCal plane a few times after the 19 minute mark, but also watch the opening to spot some outdated Delta planes as well.

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  1. but even the heritage planes say “American” on them (in the front, anyway).

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