Drugstore.com Shutting Down by End of Month

Drugstore.com has been a source of great deals.  It usually sells household items for less than Amazon.com, and was a good use of the free Shoprunner benefit that comes with the American Express Platinum  Card.  (It was recently tightened up, but used to be free 2-day shipping on any purchase).

I just got an email from Shoprunner letting me know that Drugstore.com (and its sister company, Beauty.com) are shutting down by the end of the month.


We wanted to let you know that drugstore.com and beauty.com will be closing their doors on September 30, 2016.  As a result, your ShopRunner benefits will no longer be available at these stores.

Please note, that all sales are final beginning September 1, 2016 and all drugstore.com dollars will expire on September 30 and the entire program will end permanently.

Drugstore dollars are a cashback benefit you get with each purchase that you can redeem a month later.

You can still purchase things on Drugstore, but you cannot return anything.  All sales will be final, including items that are broken or defective.

Everything is being sold as-is.

They do have items discounted on the site, but they discounts aren’t so good that I’d risk not being able to return anything.

What is strange is that I heard about this from Shoprunner and not Drugstore.com.  I’ve received emails from Drugstore letting me know they are discontinuing the subscribe and save program.  I also received a notice that I need to spend my Drugstore dollars by the end of September because that program is discontinuing.

The email said I wouldn’t be able to use that promotion on the website after September 30th, but didn’t say that there wouldn’t be a website after that date.  Curious.

Walgreens is the parent company of Drugstore.com.  

A final note, be sure to save the list of FSA eligible purchases in your account if you haven’t submitted for those items already.

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  1. Wow, sad. I have shopped on this site for about 15 years. 🙁

  2. Wow this is sad. I’ve consistently earned 6 to 10+ miles per dollar plus free shipping and no sales tax on stuff I’d pay for gas to drive to the store to buy anyway. British Airways at one time paid out 8 to 10 Avios per $ for long periods of time. Sad. I hope Walgreens will pick up the slack. I can pay a little less and get good deals at Walmart.com, etc. but only for like 1 mile per $

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