Weird Merger Glitches With US Airways and American Merger

My US Airways and American accounts just merged and while all my miles posted properly, I’m running into some snags when booking flights.

If I book a flight on US Airways and type in either my US Airways or American number, it tells me that my frequent flier numbers are invalid.  However, if I’m logged in, it is still attaching my frequent flyer number (and hopefully my status!) to the final reservation.

The second problem I’m running into is that I cannot select elite seating on either American or US Airways’ websites.

American’s social media accounts as well as their phone representatives have been really helpful, but this adds an extra step into what I do.  Hopefully, my US Airways flights will upgrade as per normal.

My EQMs have properly added together and my status is accurately reflected.  But this may be an annoyance you run into.  Has anyone else run into this so far?


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  1. I have not had that glitch to occur – but I have a Mileage Run for PHX-PHL and PHL-PHX which occurred on 01/17/15 to show up as an used ticket for 01/17/16 in my upcoming flights. Interesting.

  2. I just put a reservation on hold on AA for 4 people and was able to select main cabin extra for all 4 (I’m Platinum) without a problem. Haven’t purchased the tickets though.

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