How Many Calories Are in that Airline Meal?

US Airways Premium Wine Conundrum White Blend Southern Style SaladI was researching how healthy first-class meals are and came across this article about the meals you can get in economy class.

Diet Detective apparently reviews the different airline meals each year around Thanksgiving.

Here’s the most current edition.

His mentions that the US Airways / American Airlines merger has been bad for healthy options on-board.

That makes sense–the only healthy option is the hummus, and from personal experience, the hummus squirt-packet is really messy to get onto the crackers.

On a slightly related note, I’m reading a book by a food psychologist who suggests that the way our food is plated affects how good we think it tastes.

In terms of airline food, I remember being wowed by my pasta being served in a high-walled bowl on a United flight, compared to US Airways who used to serve the food still in the heating contains (which made it easier to melt the frozen butter pats they served).

I raved about how much better the United meals were afterwards, but I have to wonder–was it the bowl?  Similarly, are international first-class meals so excited because of the way they are served?  Is the flavor really that much better than economy?  What do you think?

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  1. Well, does it include the entire bottle of wine

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