Ryanair to Use MegaBus Model of Pricing for Transatlantic Flights–Starting at £10

Ryanair is beginning the process to launch transatlantic flights, and rumor has it they will use a MegaBus-like model of pricing where the first seats on the plane go for really cheap.

This means the first person to scoop up a fare on a flight could get it for as little as  £10.

According to the Luxemburger Wort:

The Irish-based airline said it was talking to manufacturers about sourcing long-haul aircraft that would fly between up to 14 European and US cities.

The European bases would include Dublin, London Stansted, Cologne and Berlin. In the United States, destinations would include New York, Boston and Washington.

I can’t say that I’m too excited to try out Ryanair.  But I think I would for ten pounds (about $14) if that got me on the other side of the pond.

Flights are 4-5 years away, so don’t start getting too excited to fly Ryanair just yet 😉

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  1. This is like the Skybus (US) model. 10 seats on each flight would be priced at $10 each way, even near trans cons like CMH-OAK, BUR and SAN. After taxes a round trip was about $40! Of course, this was before oil prices skyrocketed and the airline lasted only a little over a year.


  2. I’m looking forward to this. The few times I’ve flown Ryanair I was extremely satisfied. Especially for 15 Euro flights.

    Basically Spirit, but more enjoyable… although not as many jokes from the flight attendants during inflight announcements 🙂

  3. By their own admission they’re years away from this. Yet travel bloggers and the media are giving them free publicity with headlines of “$10 tickets to Europe are coming!” Which is about as useful as telling me that Wal-Mart is putting toilet paper on sale in March 2020. But Ryanair’s certainly got what they needed out of all this.

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