My Day Helping AUS Airport With Their Operations

aka, interrupting their operations to have a little fun.

The Austin MegaDO is a really fun event.  It’s a good chance to run around bar hopping with other fellow avgeeks, plus participate in travel-nerdy activities.

Like helping out at the airport.

We got to make the boarding announcements.

2015-02-27 12.07.44




Did you know United’s system will alert you if someone tries to board out of order?

And we got up close and personal with the planes.

2015-02-27 14.00.40



We loaded up the bags on a flight.


2015-02-27 14.03.08


And we even got to de-ice.  Which I was terrified of.  As seen in this photo.

2015-02-27 15.27.38

And this one.

2015-02-27 15.27.56

But once I got up there, I was able to successfully de-ice.

2015-02-27 15.30.27

And then I wanted to get back down immediately.  At that point, I was shaking too much to control the lift, so the United employee kindly helped me get back down.

And why did the van need de-icing?

Well, aside from it being unseasonably cold in Austin, they didn’t want us to actually do the de-icing in this case because the fluid is apparently extremely expensive.  And it is really important not to waste it.

All in all, a good avgeeky time was had by all!  Thanks, United!

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  1. What is the airplane you got to wander into there?

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