Why I ALSO Love Spirit Airlines

Tiff has written on Spirit Airlines many times and has a definitive guide on how to fly it.  While she’s the “Spirit” person, I also have a love of Spirit Airlines.

No, I don’t fly them–anymore.

But when I was in school in Michigan, I had very limited funds.  (I once ate expired Power Bars and noodles for all my meals for about a month–long story, but everything tasted like metal for a while after that).

My whole family was in New York and it was difficult getting out to see them.

Even back then, Spirit had a form of the $9 fare club, and I was able to jump on deals to get home at a very low cost.

Back then, I had different needs and travel priorities.  I needed the cheapest flight possible.  I didn’t need luxury and I certainly didn’t need leg room.  I just needed to see my family.  (For how to keep your Spirit flights cheap, check out this guide to the fees).

Now, I’m out of school and working.  I can afford to be pickier, but I am very lucky that I have this choice.  I choose to spend more to have a little bit more comfort and amenities in flight.

But I still love that Spirit is around.  First of all, it means Tiff can visit more often ;).  But secondly, it fills a really important need.  While people make fun of it for being a low-cost carrier, the benefit to it is that it is a low-cost carrier.

It allows people to travel to places they might not have been able to afford to go to.  And sure, you’ll have to stuff a week’s worth of clothing into your purse to avoid baggage fees, but at least they got rid of the unloved-by-Tiff canned wine.

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  1. There’s this guy on here talking about how he loves spirit but doesn’t fly them anymore. I guess cause he thinks he’s a big shot now. Let me tell u I have a great job and pretty much can fly any airline I want. Forget about luxury and so called better airfare. Spirit is the way to go for me. Why in the hell would I fly another airline? Even with the baggage fees and others they are still cheaper than the others. Sometimes I don’t even pay for my flight at all because I have a capital one venture card and I just use my reward miles to pay for my trip. So I don’t need the $9 dollar fare club. But that’s beside the point. I don’t care if I make one million dollars a year I will never stop flying spirit. U think I give a care about a luxury of an airline? Please just get me where I need to go for a reasonable price and spirit does just that. I love spirit but don’t fly them anymore because I make more money. Man get the fuck outta here!!!

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