Spirit Starts Advertising Benefit: Non-Reclining Seats

After two planes had to be diverted due to fights over reclining seats, Spirit, ever classy, is trying to capitalize on the situation.


Many of Spirit’s seats don’t recline,

Why not turn a negative into a positive?

Spirit Recline

On Spirit, you won’t have to worry about someone reclining because everyone equally cannot feel their legs on their flights.

For more information about the reclining wars:

A fight breaks out over the use of a device that disables seats from reclining.

A woman gets made at someone for reclining and then screams at the flight attendant to <xxx> shit and die.

Tempted to fly Spirit?  Here’s a guide with everything you need to know about Spirit’s fees and processes.


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  1. It would be really awesome if all the anti-recline fanatics who have caused these diversions and potential future ones just started flying Spirit. Somehow though, I doubt that kind of person would.

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