A Spirit Airlines and Sprint PCS Merger?

On the Twittersphere, we’ve been discussing the news that Spirit Airlines has come up with a new paint job.

Here’s all the information on Today in the Sky plus a cool video of them spraying the planes.

But when GhettoIFE started discussing this with us on Twitter, we came up with an interesting conclusion.

Is Spirit trying to fake a Sprint merger?

Look at the color schemes:




As to the actual color change, I was wondering when that was going to happen.

The planes weren’t matching any of the web-based branding.

For example(s):

Spirit Recline

Spirit Auto Pilot

free spirit miles

And while I agree with USA Today’s Ben Mutzabaugh that the color is “flamboyant,” I think it is better than the cartoon-y primary colors they were displaying before.  I don’t like that color scheme on the Park Inn brand and I didn’t like it on Spirit.  It seemed to make things like their canned wine even more comical.  (I’m still sorry-not-sorry about that, Tiff).

Hat tip to my conversation with GhettoIFE and reader Matt C.!

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