Spirit Insists Woman Magically Arrived at Destination Without Taking Flight–Cancels Rest of Ticket

A gate agent refused to let a woman board a plane because her records indicated the woman never flew to Phoenix despite her being in Phoenix at that very moment.

Because she “never flew to Phoenix,” the rest of her ticket was cancelled.

From Fox31 Denver:

“Our records show Ms. Weissman boarded the plane, and then for an unknown reason our records show that she unboarded the plane.  In such circumstances the remaining legs of a customer’s travel are canceled.  When Ms. Weissman worked with an agent at our ticket counter we tried to resolve the problem, but she could not produce the necessary documentation to allow us to help her.

The necessary documentation” they needed to help her was her original boarding pass from her first flight–which she had already thrown out.

First of all, I don’t blame her for throwing out her outbound boarding pass.  Heck, once on a botched take off, I had to switch planes.  A large amount of passengers needed new boarding passes to re-board the plane.

But it is completely ridiculous that the boarding pass is “necessary documentation” to prove she took the flight.


1.  Spirit knows she checked into the flight.

2.  Spirit scanned her boarding pass as she got on the plane.

3.  Spirit claims she walked off the plane and never took her flight (suggesting she magically arrived in Phoenix).

If she checked in AND boarding a plane, Spirit knows she had a boarding pass.  Her possession of the boarding pass is completely irrelevant to this story.  She would have had this boarding pass even if she deplaned as Spirit claims.  Therefore, possession of a boarding pass would have proven nothing.

Ridiculous, right?


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  1. Imaginary magical teleportation seems like a more reliable mode of transportation than flying Spirit.

  2. This is totally the passenger’s fault. She flew Spirit.

    Never, ever, ever fly Spirit. What part of that is unclear?

  3. Pax who elect to fly Spirit are subject to a lower level of service. Next time she should consider a different carrier.

  4. She is a Witch!!!! Must have used a magic broom!! Happy Halloween :-p

  5. She made it to Phoenix on time for a connecting flight! No way did she fly Spirit!

  6. As with any Spirit, the woman simply materialized!

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