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Recline from Take-Off to Landing

Qantas just announced new business seats they are waiting to get governmental improvement on.

From Inc.com:

 The seats, which were designed by Thompson Aero Seating, leverage an over-the-shoulder seatbelt similar to a carseat. That enables the seat to recline up to 25 degrees from horizontal during takeoff and landing. The average airplane across-the-lap seatbelt would not be secure enough for reclining passengers if the plane were to suddenly decelerate.

What do you think of this?

For me, it’s moot because I always fall asleep anyway when taking off.  There’s something about the change in pressure that knocks me out.

But I could see how people would really enjoy this–what do you think?


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  1. bad idea… thai business class has similar seat belts… you can only put them on one way it goes on over the shoulder and you would want to take it off ASAP I would prefer a normal seat belt which you can keep on comfortably even when in bed…..

  2. Recline during takeoff and landing is nothing new – Air NZ has this with their business class (and presumably the other airlines with herringbone layout).

    Over the shoulder seatbelts are also not new – Thai has this, and so does Qantas in A380 first class.

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