Fines Over Selfie Sticks in Korea Due to Health Concerns

Keri wrote about her foray into the world of selfie sticks.

Keri and her selfie stick.
Keri and her selfie stick.

Apparently, not everyone is super excited about selfie sticks.

According to PetaPixel:

The South Korean government is threatening selfie stick retailers with fines of up to $27K and jail time over some of the group selfie products they’re selling, and it’s all because of electromagnetic radiation.

Apparently, the blue tooth enabled ones, like the one Keri discussed in her post, have not been vigorously tested and the government considers them “frequency-emitting communications equipment”.

While users of the sticks are off the hook for any sort of recourse, retailers could receive upwards of $27k in fines.

I’m not so sure blue tooth devices can be dangerous.  What do you think?


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  1. I’m pretty sure I risked being locked up as a crazy person when my bluetooth button stopped working and I had to switch to yelling voice commands…”SHOOT”

  2. Left Handed Passenger

    So you don’t consider microwave radiation a health hazard?

    Microwave radiation and Bluetooth are both 2.4 GHz frequency electromagnetic radiation and are equivalent. A conductive metal pole would act as an antenna and amplify that radiation.

  3. I don’t get the obsession with people having to have themselves in a photo in front of everything. You are there, experience the place, take a photo that captures the feeling you are experiencing while there, but the only reason to plant yourself in front of every object you come across is to prove to others that you were there. I think Jello explains it well…

  4. Some cool GoPro videos start with the camera on a stick, and the person spinning around so we can see their surroundings.

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