College Student Removed From Flight After Mentioning Mild Allergies

I’ve written before that one of the dangers of mentioning your allergies on-flight is that you could be removed from the aircraft if the flight attendant overreacts.

A senior at Villanova University learned this the hard way when she asked if there were any anti-histamine on board.  According to NBC Philadelphia, she was removed off the US Airways flight as a precaution and was rebooked on a flight the next day.

Villanova is my alma mater and a classmate of mine was the reporter on the scene:

What do you think?  Overreaction or a valid concern?


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  1. Stay classy, PHL-based US flight attendants!

  2. Overreaction for sure but this is most likely not the worst we will hear about and was she comped a hotel at least?

  3. SHE’s overreacting. They gave her a free hotel and new flight and were just being safe. Sounds to me like she’s blowing it out of proportion to get on a soapbox for medical school…

  4. Hard to say as allergies range from mild to life threatening. How is the attendant to know? When flying the first rule is to keep required medications on your person.

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