Need More Camera Memory Cards? Sale Today Has Them Up to 50% Off

I feel like I can never have enough memory cards.  Despite having my photos stored on my computer and in the cloud, I feel like they are an extra just-in-case for my photos.  Plus, when I want to share a lot of high resolution photos with friends and family, I like to give them a memory card rather than make them download large files.

Luckily, Amazon has Transcend brand memory cards and external hard drives for up to 50% off.  (Though due to pre-existing discounts on the items, some can be up to 70% off retail price).

TranscendA 32 gigabyte high speed SD memory card is $13.99.

A 32 gigabyte 3.0 USB stick is $10.99.

The 32 micro-SD which I have trouble finding in larger sizes at good prices is $13.99.  (Micro SD cards go into things like cell phones and can’t be swapped out as easily as regular SD cards).

There is also a 1 TB external hard drive for $56.99 which intuitively feels like a good price, but I don’t tend to purchase external hard drives.   (Please leave a comment if you do know!)

Transcend is a high quality name brand so you may be able to find a generic, lower-quality SD cards for cheaper than this if you don’t want the extra features of a name brand.  If you just need an SD card for the cheapest possible, I would not go for this sale.

What’s crazy to me is, I still remember getting my first 1 gigabyte computer and thinking–how would anyone ever use this much memory?!  Now I’m going through 32 gigabyte memory cards left and right.

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  1. One of our most useful purchases was a ‘dual port’ USB drive. It has a microUSB connector on one end and a regular USB connector on the other. You can plug it into your phone microUSB port and download all your pictures to free up space on your phone.

    Priceless if you use your phone as your primary camera, especially on long trips. We got ours from Lifetime Memory Products, but I’m sure you can get them on Amazon or NewEgg too.

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