Can You Sue Over the Use of a Knee Defender?

Fortune Magazine explores that question here.
seats in an airplaneIt’s an interesting article, but it looks like someone might have more of a cause of action against the person reclining if they do it recklessly/negligently.

But even so, as long as you were using the seat recline as intended, I don’t think you can sue over a cracked laptop screen from one launched off of your tray table*.  It probably would take someone reclining and unreclining in rapid succession for it to be reckless or negligent.

I know a lawyer who once launched someone’s iPad by accident.  He ended up turning to the person and saying, I estimate you may have a cause of action here that could potentially put me 50% at fault.

He offered the guy half the price of his iPad in cash on the spot to call it even.  What I didn’t say in response is that cracked screens can probably get fixed for less than half the price of the iPad, so I would have taken the money!

Do you think you should be able to sue people preventing you from reclining?  How about reclining people who break your stuff?

*This is not legal advice.


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  1. Well, one guy seriously bruised my kneecap on one flight as he slammed his seat back. Had he cracked it, I would have sued for medical damages. Him for half, and the airline for the other as they knowingly set up the entire situation.

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