Hom-burger in Paradise (well, Charleston, SC)

I recently took a vacation to Charleston, SC, to escape the… rainy… cold… of a Virginia May…?

I didn’t expect the unseasonably bad weather in Virginia, but it was beautiful in Charleston.

One thing I was pleasantly surprised by in Charleston was the quality of their restaurants, as well as the relatively low price point.

Among all the restaurants we went to, my favorite was a burger place, Hom.  It not only serves gourmet burgers, but you can practice your own serve in the back with their ping pong tables.

The style of the bar is pretty retro, which matched the hamburger and ping pong theme.

hom burger charleston review

The beer and wine selection was decent, again for the price point.  They carry a brand of wine that I drink pretty regularly at a restaurant in Virginia.  While I pay over $10 a glass for that here, it was about $7 there (and even cheaper on happy hour).

hom burger charleston review

Apparently the place is also liked by Bill Murray.  There were ping pong paddles all over that had messages on them from him.

hom burger charleston review

I’ve read he’s a really down to earth guy who likes hanging out at happy hours and random parties he wasn’t invited to.

I loved my burger.  It was about $10, and was stuffed with duck confit and goat cheese.

hom burger charleston review

It comes with a bun, but I requested it without.

The empty glass to its left contained a house-made strawberry vodka.

I would easily put this burger among the top new things I’ve tried over the last year.  I wish I took a picture of the inside of the burger because it was stuffed with the confit.  I went back to the bar the next day and got the same dish again because I couldn’t stop craving it.  (Note, during Sunday brunch, the burger specials are not available, so I actually went back twice the next day!)

Their happy hours are from 4-6 on weekdays, and include $3 tacos and $5 burgers.

I highly recommend!

Edit for bonus footage of a double-cheeseburger:

hom burger charleston review

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  1. Bad timing for me to see this!! Starving and SO FAR to enjoy one of those beauties!.
    definitely on my to-visit list!

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