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Free Cooking and Fitness Books on Amazon

Tiff and I were sending each other some books we found for Kindle that are temporarily free.  I figured I should post them too! Paleo Slow-Cooker Cookbook  — I read through the recipes and its general slow cooker advice and it sounds great.   Gluten-Free Desserts     4-Week Body …

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My New Favorite BBQ Place in Austin

I just found a new favorite barbeque place in Austin, and it is literally off the beaten path. Micklethwait Craft Meats is a sort-of-restaurant-sort-of-food-truck located in East Austin somewhere around 1309 Rosewood Avenue. The food truck is parked in a grassy area attached to a parking lot, complete with wooden …

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Free Bacon Cookbook on

Okay, okay… this is a little bit of a stretch for a travel blog.  But I know a lot of people share my love for bacon.  And I’d definitely travel for good bacon.  (And Keri traveled for Praline Bacon!  And Vegas is the place to go to for bacon.) Today, …

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Jack Sprat’s in Girdwood, Alaska

If you go to Anchorage, it is worth the trip to Girdwood.  Besides it being scenic (more on that later!), it is also delicious.  The Hotel Alyeska is nearby with direct access to Seven Glaciers.  But I still dream about Jack Sprat’s. Was Jack Sprat’s a culinary cornucopia of courses?  …

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