The Hyatt Zilara’s Tapas & Pintxos Restaurant

The first night of our stay at the Hyatt Zilara, we ate at the Tapas & Pintxos Restaurant (no reservations needed).

For the menu, click here.

We ate here the first night because we did not make reservations anywhere and it seemed like the easiest non-buffet place to eat.

The first thing to know about the restaurants is they all seem to have their signature drink (except for the buffet).

When we arrived, they automatically brought us some red sangria.


It was really tasty so I ended up drinking that the whole dinner.  Along with some water, of course.



They brought out some bread with some Spanish dipping sauce immediately.


And then they brought around a jamon that was sliced on the spot.



It was done with flair and the waiter seemed to enjoy the theatrics of it.



It went really well with the bread and dipping sauce.

We ordered a round of appetizers that the waiter added some of his favorites to.


This was the tortilla espanola, which is sort of an omelet and potato dish.  I tend to get tapas often and really enjoyed this version of it.  The egg part was really fluffy.

We also had marinated artichokes, which Bill especially enjoyed.


And we followed with our waiter’s addition, some manchego cheese.



I wasn’t as into this dish because I’m not really into manchego cheese.  I had some to show my appreciation for the waiter’s choice, but I don’t tend to order manchego.

I liked the ham croquettes better than I like them in my local tapas place.


Crisp and not greasy.

We also got sausage and mushroom.  We both fought over pieces of this.


And the camarones al ajillo were great.  Shrimp is my favorite dish, so I’m particularly picky about how it turns out.



When we ordered dessert, our waiter wanted to make sure we had eaten enough, so he threw in his own choice.

Our choice was the fried custard:


And he threw in the churros.



Both of them tasted as I would expect.  They were tasty, but not different from what I’ve had before.

All in all, I would go to this restaurant often if it were in my neighborhood.  The food quality was excellent and the sangria was tasty.

Not to mention the ambiance:




The great part about eating at this place in an all-inclusive was that we got to try a lot of different items without worrying about the price.  If we didn’t like the waiter’s suggestion, we could just leave it and order something else.

Also, tapas restaurants are notorious for small portions.  If you wanted more here, you could just keep ordering.

This restaurant was a great opening to our stay and I wish we stayed long enough to try it a second time.


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