Jack Sprat’s in Girdwood, Alaska

If you go to Anchorage, it is worth the trip to Girdwood.  Besides it being scenic (more on that later!), it is also delicious.  The Hotel Alyeska is nearby with direct access to Seven Glaciers.  But I still dream about Jack Sprat’s.

Was Jack Sprat’s a culinary cornucopia of courses?  Actually, when we went, they only had one menu item.

Between Brunch and Dinner (roughly 2:30pm – 5pm, since we saw them take in a late brunching couple), you can get their Yam fries with a jalapeno dipping sauce plus drinks.

And whoa.

Jack Sprats Girdood Yam Fries


The texture you see on there is a delicious sea-salt crust, and I wish I knew how to do that myself.

But when the disk arrived, but Keri and I said, “Whoa, this portion is huge!  There’s no way we could finish it!â€

And then we tasted it.

The fries are crispy on the outside and very soft in the inside—but soft in a way that’s still held together.  These weren’t really messy to eat at all.

I thought the jalapeno dipping sauce would be spicy, and it wasn’t.  It captured the flavor of jalapenos in a completely cool way, which allowed this northerner to actually consume it for once.  (I love jalapenos but I can make it through once tiny slice on my nachos before I have to quit.)

We sat in an indoor porch that was a perfect way to feel like we’re sitting outside, without actually sitting outside in the Alaskan weather.

And we enjoyed generous pours of prosecco as we ate.



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