This is Beyond My Airline Knowledge…

I was tracking flights from Philadelphia to San Francisco and saw there was a flight delayed by two and a half hours that wasn’t popping up on every website that was showing PHL-SFO flights.  I was looking at it on the FlightTrack App, and Bill couldn’t find it on the PHL Airport website.

When I went directly to the US Airways flight status, it didn’t show it among their PHL-SFO flights–so I typed the flight numbers in directly.


I’ve never seen a flight status like this before.


(And how do I get on that flight?)


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  1. dang diverted to HNL! if you find out how to get on that flight, lemme know!

  2. I only see a ridiculous 2 1/2 hour delay because of the typical SFO low clouds…

    The inbound was supposed to depart at 8:56am and didn’t do so until after noon. Flightaware is tracking it properly, so it’s probably just another glitch on the website.

  3. I bet the US website is just screwed up. US6596=UA543, which is operating with a delay, but nothing else out of the ordinary.

  4. Pretty sure it’s a website glitch. That flight is on an A319 which could never make it from PHL-HNL without refueling.

  5. i’ve seen something like this before. i was tracking a flight from HKG to EWR and every single site including the united site wasn’t showing me anything. i even tried calling united because something looked wrong when i was tracking the flight. some sites showed it in one location while other sites showed it in another. united customer service couldn’t help me either when i called. they didn’t even know about the plane diversion!

    i ended up finding out on flyertalk that the flight was being rerouted to beijing. i was lucky a passenger from that flight posted this on flyertalk or else i wouldn’t have known.

    the flight ended up staying in beijing for almost the entire day and the crew maxed out which led to a lot of rebookings and a huge headache. it ended up going back to hkg and everyone was put in hotels and rebooked for the earliest flight out the next day. my bf ended up traveling/flying for over 24 hours to go no where and end up back where he started.

  6. i’ve seen something like this before. i was tracking a flight from hkg to ewr and every single site was showing me something different, including the united site. i knew something was wrong so i called up united and even they couldn’t help me because they didn’t know where the plane was!

    i did some googling and ended up finding out on flyertalk that a passenger on that same flight posted that they were being diverted to beijing. none of the passengers were allowed off because not everyone had visas so they stayed on the plane for a very long time, hours.

    the crew ended up maxing out and they couldn’t find replacement crew and ended up going back to hkg. everyone on the plane was put up in hotels and rebooked on the next earliest flight the next day! my bf ended up going back to where he started and wasted about 24 hours going no where. luckily for that flyertalk post since none of the flight tracking sites were accurate. i was really surprised united couldn’t help me and tell me where the plane was.

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