An Anchorage Must See: The Tasting Menu at Seven Glaciers

Within driving distance of Anchorage is the Alyeska Resort, home to the Seven Glaciers restaurant.

The restaurant is at the top of the resort cable car ride and includes the ride when you have reservations.  Since Keri and I were going all the way to Alaska to try it, we decided to go all out.


We went for the chef’s tasting menu.  It was multiple courses of deliciousness with an amazing view.  The restaurant is surrounded in glass windows, displaying the glaciers that make up the name of the restaurant.



I just ran into someone taking a trip to this area, so this is for you!


The first thing I noticed was the wine selection.  I was happy with Paradux and then my eyes fell on one of my favorites:


Grgich Hill’s Violetta.



It’s been a little bit since I’ve been there, so I can’t go into too much detail other than it was delicious (and I was a little drunk off the wine pairings by the end).  I ended up breaking down and getting a glass of the Violetta at the end too, which didn’t help. 😉


An amuse-bouche of seared wagu beef.








A salad with beets two ways:



A seared scallop and fried oyster:


Duck over ramen soup:


Turnip stuffing and sliced turnips with wagu steak:


A savory custard with sea salt on top as a palate cleanser.


Chocolate cake:


And then some truffles:



I capped this off with a glass of Violetta from Grgich, thankful I had a designated driver!


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  1. This will definitely be in my future Alaska vacation. How much was the bill? (just out of curiosity)

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The tasting menu was $80 and the wine pairings were around $50 (not full glasses). I think the glass of Violetta was $20, heavily inflating my bill. I think the tasting menu is worth it given the entree cost, and we got to sample a lot.

  2. Great post but in hind sight…. Alaska is full of amazing views. Born and raised here. Crows nest has a nice bar and a mean martini! Then on to Simon and Seaforts for round 3-4 while you wait for your meal… Then pub crawl around town at humpys, snow goose, glacier brewhaus and so on….. That’s a fancy night. FYI, save wine tastings for a place that doesn’t have the freshest seafood and AK doesn’t actually make any wine. “It didn’t fly here” means it sat on at least two boats from Australia or maybe even a train. Might as well buy “Dom” on the moon…. But again! Love the post! Maybe for night two or three?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Thanks! I’m hoping to head back there in the (relatively) near future, so I’ll check out your suggestions when I do!

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