Lobster House in City Island: Great Views With Beach Cocktails

City Island is an area of the Bronx that is approximately 1.5 miles long and barely a half-a-mile wide.

When you arrive on City Island, you definitely get the feel that you aren’t in New York City anymore–even though you are technically within the boundaries.  It has the water-accessibility of the West Palm Beach area of Florida mixed with the feel (and temperatures) of New England coastal areas.

The great thing about this area is that spring and summer tends to be consistently warm without being hot.  Making it a great place to hang out for the evening.

While waiting for dinner reservations somewhere else, I parked myself at the Lobster House restaurant right at the Northern tip of City Island.

Lobster House is a pricey restaurant, but fair for the touristy atmosphere and gorgeous views.  Plus, from everything I’ve seen, the portions are huge.

It’s park of a marina, so it doesn’t look very impressive going in.  But once you are on the deck, the restaurant is transformed.

city island lobster house

city island lobster house

It definitely reminded me of my recent time in Florida, in the West Palm Beach area:


The cocktails were delicious at the Lobster House.




city island lobster house


Bahama Breeze  – Meyers Rum, Amaretto, Pineapple & Coconut Cream

city island lobster house


Mai Tai – A blend of tropical Fruit Juices with Bacardi Rum & Amaretto

The cocktails were all around ~$12 and were made well.  They had the proper amount of liquor without tasting like only liquor.

It was a really relaxing time, but by far–the best part was the service.

They were really busy and they accommodated us for some cocktails.  The person taking care of us–who I think may have been the owner–was extremely attentive and was in a good and joking mood the entire time.

He even brought some anti-pasta over as a foil to our cocktails:

lobster house city island

That level of service makes me want to come back for dinner sometime (and, of course, more of those cocktails).

In the off-season, they have various specials on their dishes (I saw an advertisement for a prix-fixe for $25, for example).  Lunch is also much cheaper than dinner, though I assume the portions are also much smaller.

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  1. A great place! My parents live nearby and we always go to City IslNd for dinner when I go visit. You would never guess. You were in the Bronx

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