Receive Free Early Access to Creating Virtual Reality Content

I mentioned the Kickstarter for an app that lets you create immersive experiences in a previous post.  I predicted it might not fund because it did not have a lot of high-level rewards.

Sadly, I was right.

Optonaut is committed to still creating this app, so they are opening up beta access for a very limited time.

You can request access here.

Basically, it uses multiple camera angles to add depth to your photos.



You can use Google cardboard, or another form of stereoscope to see the pictures in all their glory.

Google Cardboard

The pictures without the stereoscope end up looking like this:

optonaut photo


I can’t wait for the beta access.  I’m going to try creating these for my next few trips and see how it goes.  The Kickstarter reward included a Google cardboard stereoscope, so I’ll have to invest in that separately.


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