“Not the Bees!” Surprise Passenger Forces Plane to turn Back

Nicolas Cage had the right idea about bees.

Here’s a brilliant BioShock parody of his dramatic performance in Wicker Man:

(The actual clip is slightly more graphic but with slightly worse acting)

But a flight crew learned that bees are bad for a different reason too.

According to CNN, a flight crew had to turn back after realizing there was a mechanical issue with the flight.

The sole cause?  A single bee lodged in an exterior instrument.

The plane landed without incident and all passengers arrived safely back at their point of departure.

a man with long hair and a beard

Except for the bee, of course.

This is the first time I’ve heard of a single bee affecting a flight.  A few years ago, thousands of bees decided a Delta plane was their new home and they had to be removed by a beekeeper.

I don’t recommend bringing bees in fight even though Pocket Planes always offers “angry bees” as cargo you can deliver.

But I guess that’s better than what this man did–driving around with five hives of bees loose in his car.


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