The Hyatt French Quarter Continues to Have Amazing Customer Service


Over two years ago, I had a trip to New Orleans where I was staying at the Hyatt French Quarter.

While in transit, my aunt passed away, and I arrived at the hotel soon after learning about her death.  I was distraught and out of it, and even though the hotel staff had no idea what was going on, they were kind and compassionate.

I just stayed at the same property again.  My flight out there was delayed many, many times, and while this situation was nothing like my last one, I did arrive at the hotel feeling wiped and frustrated–and got reminded how much I love this hotel.

The person manning the check-in started talking to me about my travels and I told him that I’m glad to be here after all my delays.

He asked about the amenity and teased me (in a fun way) for being the only Diamond on earth who chooses the amenity over the points.  And then even though it was late, told me he would make sure the wine got up there tonight since I had such a rough travel day.

The whole time, he was smiling and joking and I couldn’t help but get into a really good mood.

The next morning, I grabbed breakfast at the restaurant, Powdered Sugar.  I did my usual “omelet, no toast, no potatoes” breakfast order, since my food restrictions have been limiting what I can eat by a lot.

My omelet was a meat omelet, so the server immediately asked me if I wanted sausage or bacon instead of the potatoes.

Um, yes!

2015-11-22 07.30.12

The next day, I ordered my omelet, and she quickly added, “with sausage?”

The third day, she asked me if I wanted the same thing, and put in my order on her own.

In addition to being proactive in making a customer happy, her attitude and spirit left me smiling.

The staff there is top notch, and in addition to the great things in New Orleans, I’ll be looking forward to my stay at that hotel the next time I am in town.

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  1. I am staying there end of this month. Can’t wait!

  2. Yuuum that looks good!! I will have to check out the restaurant and hotel on my trip to New Orleans 🙂

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