Please Don’t Kill Me This Time, Billy Joel

The latest trip I’m gearing up for is a trip I’ve been looking forward to.  I’m heading up to New York for the Billy Joel concert.

There’s two things I’m really interested in seeing this trip.

One:  I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt NYC again, so I’m really interested in whether or not I can sit on the toilet.

Two: I hope I actually see the Billy Joel concert.

Billy Joel is one of my favorite musicians ever.  I’m a huge fan of playing the piano and I love listening to piano-led songs, so Billy Joel is a natural fit in this.

But I never really got the opportunity to see him.  So before he did this whole series of concerts at Madison Square Garden, my parents saved up and got me tickets to see Billy Joel for my birthday.

Billy Joel
Oooooh yeaaaaah.

Those who have read my posts for a while know how that went.

I was so insistent on keeping to my trip plans that I put myself in the hospital.

Oh yeah, and I passed out for the concert.  So I didn’t actually see it.

Is that what I get for my money?!

So this week I’m headed up for Billy Joel.  It’s at the end of a really busy work week, and my coworkers… well… have been getting picked off one-by-one by some sort of office plague.  But I really, really want to go to this concert!

Of course, if I’m Patient X, I’m not going to infect all of Madison Square Garden.  I’ll spend a nice evening at the Grand Hyatt, trying out their room service options.

Okay, a sorta bitter evening at the Grand Hyatt maybe.  And I might call my mom to bring over soup since she lives in the area instead of the room service.  #baby

But I’ve learned my lesson.  No matter how much you are looking for something, never sacrifice your health (or everyone else’s for that matter!) just to stick to your plans.

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  1. Hope you got cancellation insurance on those tickets!

  2. I’m definitely not the most politically correct person in the world, but I’d say that saying that you hope you survive a concert this week is at least in poor taste and at worst horribly insensitive in light of the week’s events. I do hope you enjoy the concert and I’m sorry you were sick last time, I just hope we you might think better of your choice of words in the future.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Thanks, I can assure you, my brain didn’t even go there since I’ve been planning this post since before that. But I’ve edited that section, and I’m glad you brought up how it could be taken. It was just meant to stress how I let myself get seriously ill just because I was too unwilling to break out of my plans.

  3. Thursday’s concert should be awesome. I have been there nearly every month this year, and Billy sounds better now than he has in YEARS. It’s amazing what a new marriage and baby can do for a person. Got a new wife, got a new life, and the family is fine… 🙂

    Anyway, if you do make it to the show, try to get in when doors open (7pm) and immediately head down to the floor area. You can meet most of Billy’s band members. Shoot me an email if you’d like some more advice on the show itself.

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