Stay at the Shining Hotel Forever… and ever… and ever…

Er, or until the day of your checkout time.

The New York Times has an interesting piece on the hotel that inspired the Shining.

Stephen King stayed at the Stanley Hotel and had a nightmare there that resulted in the Shining.

The article doesn’t mention what was in his dream, but I assume it was something like:



While the hotel was not used in the original film, King revisited it for the mini-series version of the Shining, which stayed truer to the book.

The Stanely Hotel is in Estes Park, Colorado, and recently added a hedge maze to give visitors a more authentic feel.

The hotel bar in its website photos gives me the chills–though I have to admit, as a millennial aged person, I’m more familiar with the mini-series.  I had nightmares after watching them and hid under the dining room table with my dog for a while one night.  So it is the bar from the version I recognize the most.

A weekend stay (with advanced purchase) seems to run ~$220 a night.  Add $130 more for the romance package.

Because nothing says romance like red rum.

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  1. Small typo in your piece – the hotel is in Estes Park.

  2. I think you accidentally combined Stanley with Estes to come up with Estley Park instead of Estes Park which is really where the hotel is located. 😉

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