How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Go on Vacation

I rarely go on vacation.  Two years ago, I was super stressed about a 5 day trip (over a weekend) where I wouldn’t have internet access most of the time.

My pleasure trips are usually really shot or tied to business trips.

But then I went on vacation for two weeks.  And man was I stressed about being gone for two weeks.

At the beginning, I kept thinking about everything I could do for work.  I didn’t have strict deadlines coming up, but I felt lazy for not working on vacation.

I also kept thinking about what things I could blog about and how I was constantly slacking on updating the blog.

Finally, as I was sitting out over the ocean and thinking “wow, this is nice,” it hit me.  It’s vacation, stupid.

I also learned this while on vacation, but it was a bit more perplexing.

nothing is set in stone


Anyway, I finally decided to write down four  more things I wanted to get done while on vacation for my job.  I’d dedicate an hour each morning on the cruise ship towards doing those things, but I also had to do them while in a scenic location.

I purchased internet, but I’d log on to sync my mail and TweetDeck, then log off immediately.  When I was done working, I logged on and synced everything again.

It took a little while for that to stop feeling wrong.  I had to keep saying, “you are on vacation, stupid!”

But then I also decided to temporarily stop blogging.  I was being seriously hard on myself for not churning out posts fast enough and finally just committed to not posting at all.

And it was glorious.  I had all this time to do things so I participated in everything.  And it was ridiculously silly and people probably have blackmail videos/photos of me, but it was so much fun too.

And it was relaxing with gorgeous views to boot.

2015-08-27 10.32.23-1


Just remember, nothing is set in s… I mean, it’s vacation, stupid!

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Former bartender, still a geek. One equal part each cookies, liberty, football, music, travel, libations. Stir vigorously. +Jeanne Marie Hoffman Jeanne on Twitter

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  1. I hope you’ll do a trip report for your cruise!

  2. I’m going out for 3 weeks just as I’m ramping up a big project at work. It’s making me nuts, but this was planned well over a year ago. I probably won’t care after the first drink, but still….. And like Ang said, let’s hear a little something about that cruise. 😉

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