eShakti Reviews: Ordering Custom Dresses on the Cheap

While I love dresses, it’s often hard for me to find ones that fit–especially more tight fitting dresses.  My proportions don’t fit into the standard dress sizes well and have gotten dresses off websites like for the 40’s style of proportions.

Then my friend told me about a website called eShakti.  For an extra $7.50, you can customize the proportions of all the dresses they sell.  So rather than try to guess between two standard sizes, I can take the waist of one and the hips of the other.

The prices are usually around $100 for dresses, but they often have 50% off sales.  This weekend, they have a 50% off sale for many of their items, but also have a coupon for 20% off on top of that if you use Gift Coupon ID: LBD1F784A

I’ve gotten a few dresses off this website and found them to fit very well.  The only thing that didn’t fit perfect (but was still fine!) was the top.  Since it takes the entire measurement around, I found it is slightly too tight in the front and slightly too loose in the back.

For my first purchase, I bought during a 50% off sale and used my friend’s referral link for $40 off.  They combined!

I got four custom dresses for $125 including shipping.

Some of the dresses tend to be more retro looking, but they definitely have modern looking dresses too.

Here are a couple of my purchases (shown for fit, please ignore my terrible selfie skills).

eShakti Reviews

eShakti Reviews


These do ship internationally, so I wouldn’t make any purchases you need quickly.  My last order got stuck in customs for a while but eventually made it to me.

The good thing is you can see in the tracking information where it is and what is causing it to delay.  I’ve ordered some internationally products where I had no idea whether or not they were going to show up until I received the package three months later.

If you sign up under my referral number, you’ll receive $40.  Disclaimer: I would also receive $40 if you spend more than $70 in purchases in a single order.


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