Proving There Are Markets in Everything: Take a Vacation to Smash Things in Anger

Most people like to go on vacation so they can relax leisurely.  Apparently, others need an extra step before they can relax.

In Toronto, you can have the opportunity to be like a rock star in a hotel room and smash everything in sight.

Urban Daddy highlighted the Rage Room last week–the calm, tranquil retreat for people who like destroying things.

You pay per item actually smashed, which can range from $2 for a plate to $20 for a chair.  This is in addition to a base fee of $20 for 30 minutes in the rage room, including five plates to smash.

Take that, stupid glass!
Take that, stupid glass!

Rage Room is part of a sports facility called Battle Sports, and in their reasoning for the Rage Room, they quote Aristotle.  (I always knew philosophers had a dark side!)

A quick look around their website reviews a facility not unlike the training center from Hunger Games.  Including the archery part.

Battle Sports is in North York, Ontario, Canada.  Yes, I’d like to emphasize that something called a rage room is in Canada.

Here’s a look at the Rage Room:

The items all look like they were purchased from Ikea.  I never knew Canadians had so much against the Swedes.

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