Kingdom Rush, an Epic Tower Defense Game, Now Free

One of my favorite iOS games has been Kingdom Rush–a tower defense game where you must protect villages from varying mythical creatures / fantasy characters.

What I loved about this game was that the attacking hordes were so varied, you had to constantly think of how to upgrade towers for future types of villains–not just the ones you are currently facing.

I find other tower defense games a bit more lazy.  You don’t have to think about the future types until they show up.  And of course, they initially show up in very manageable numbers until you are able to upgrade your defenses to handle the new attackers.

Not so much here.

The downside has been the price.  Whenever I’ve recommended it to a friend, it has always been apologetically for the price.  My other favorite tower defense game, Cursed Treasure, is free to play with a fee for an advantage that’s not critical to the game.

But now the game is free on all mobile devices!  (Sorry to everyone who already paid for it based on my recommendation)

And I totally recommend downloading it.  The game play is great and the characters are downright adorable.


Best of all?  It doesn’t require an ever-present internet connection to run (which seems to be a trend with iPad games lately).  So you take play from take-off to landing.

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