Awesome Flight Simulator Streamer to Follow

I’ve been following this streamer for a few years now and he’s been growing in popularity.

757spy streams his flight simulator while talking through his process and explaining the airplanes and airports he encounters.  He’s really knowledgeable and is fascinating to listen to.

If you are an #avgeek like me, I really recommend checking him out.  Every time I tune in, I learn something new from his stream.

(He’s also the author of the Castle of Spies series).

He uses X-Plane 11.

a screenshot of a video game

At the time of this posting, he’s live.  He’s flying an A350 from San Francisco to Portland.


His schedule is:

  • Sunday: 10-4
  • Tuesday: 4-?
  • Thursday: 4-?
  • Saturday: 10-4

a screenshot of a live broadcast

You can follow him on Twitter to catch when he’s live.

Click here now to see his livestream.

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