Now Streaming on Twitch: Fable Anniversary

For those who haven’t guessed yet–I love video games.  Lately, some friends have suggested I hop on Twitch since I’m gaming anyway.

space invaders

I tried it out a few times just with a few friends, and it’s so much fun.  It’s like playing video games in college with your friends in your dorm room.

So I’m trying out letting people know when I’m on the platform.  Stop on by and say hi!  Or make fun of me running into a house that’s on fire (like I did last night in Skyrim).

Also feel free to suggest some games for me to play.  I’m always looking for more.

Tonight, I’ll be playing Fable Anniversary.  It’s the remake of the original Fable, which I’ve never played before.  That’s probably surprising to people who know how addicted I am to Fable 3.  (I’m so addicted, when I went to Epcot, it reminded me of Brightwood in Albion).

I’ll be streaming over here.  See you there!

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  1. Hi Jeanne,

    Me too! I love video games (retro ones, especially) and started streaming on Twitch. I’m not a very good gamer by any means, but I too enjoy playing and interacting with people. I hope to catch you the next time you stream and if you have time, check out my Twitch channel.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Great! Next stream is 7pm tomorrow, feel free to follow if you want to catch me on! I stream randomly sometimes too.

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