This Nail Polish Could Help Curb Sexual Assault

Recently, I wrote a post on the clever way bars in the UK are battling sexual assault.  Signs in the bathroom instruct women to casually ask the waitstaff for Angela as a sign that they are in an uncomfortable situation.  The staff will help them out of it in a low-key manner.

There’s another product on the market that could help with sexual assault–a special nail polish that changes colors when it touches a spiked drink.  Though, it is getting a mixed reception.

nail polish

From WUSA 9:

Undercover Colors says women can use their fingers to stir a cocktail, and the polish changes color if it’s been spiked with popular date-rape drugs like Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB…

…“I would rather know someone’s intentions, so if I could to dip my nail into it, and know if I’m safe or not, that would be rad,†says Chae Drake.

This product gives women some control over their situations.  Whenever I’ve had a guy I met recently buy me a drink, I’ve awkwardly insisted I walk to the bar with him. That way, the drink goes directly into my hand.  But that’s awkward and sends a weird signal to the (probably well-intentioned) guy.  But you can’t risk the chance.

This allows someone to casually dip their finger in the drink to see if it changes color–just in case.

They already make cards women can use to test their drinks, but they are pretty conspicuous.  There are also coasters, but you have to depend on the bar carrying these (and educating the women drinking there about them).  So the nail polish is a definite improvement.

But some critics worry this nail polish will give women a sense of false security.  It doesn’t detect every drug they could be slipped, so the critics think women may end up being less careful when they think they are covered.

I still think it’s better than nothing.  This nail polish won’t be created until next year, but perhaps they should consider a warning label emphasizing that it does not check for every drug.

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  1. Heard of this a while back.

    Dig more than 30 seconds on their web page, and you’ll find they talk about “launch”.

    Don’t see product anyone can buy.

    VERY little product information at all. Have to wonder if it’s a few
    people with a big idea, who have no idea how to implement it.

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