Flooding in the Desert–On best laid plans

I’m a huge Mlife fan and always have a difficult choice in hotels when going to Vegas.

This trip, I was pretty certain where I wanted to go.

jamaica beach

Okay, not the real beach, but the beach at the Mandalay Bay.

I packed up and left Virginia, where a massive Nor’easter was (and still is) pummeling us with rain.

Then I landed in Vegas and a flood warning popped up on my phone.

I sighed that my phone didn’t automatically adjust to my location–until I realized it did.

I brought the rain with me.

Last weekend, it was over 100 degrees in Vegas.  This trip?  65 and raining.  Whew.

You would think enjoying the sun in a desert area would pretty much be a gimme, but it isn’t at all. Which is why it is good to expect to have to adjust your plans, even when they seem foolproof.

Right this second, there’s a thunderstorm outside.  This is the first thunderstorm I’ve ever seen in Vegas!  So we’ve adjusted our plans quickly.

While Mandalay is a very nice hotel, there isn’t a ton to do there, so we hopped up the tram to the middle of the strip.  Since our goal was to relax, we decided not stressing over what we were doing would be the best thing.

And that’s how we found ourselves learning how to play craps.  I’ll be honest, when the lesson started, I was standing off to the side, sorta not interested in actually learning.  But then the dealer handed me the dice and taught me how to throw it against the back wall–and I got it first try!

Playing “fake craps” ended up being a ton of fun and was something I would never have sought out to do.  But when my plans that seemed impossible to break got broken, it let me jump out of my comfort zone and expectations for exactly what was going to happen this trip.  And I tried something new and really enjoyed it.

I’ve been to Vegas countless times and never looked at the craps table twice.  I’m glad I took a chance and threw the dice.

Ever accidentally discover something new thanks to “ruined” plans?

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