Another Big Hyatt Website Bug

a close-up of a staircase

I keep running into the weirdest Hyatt bugs, but this one would have been particularly bad.  This has also happened to me at least once before and luckily I noticed it after booking and Hyatt was able to undo it.  In this case, I noticed during booking. I was looking …

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Win $200 Towards a Hotel Stay

Here’s a giveaway with great odds to win.  $200 off your next hotel stay is not bad at all!  And all it takes is a comment. Kendra of Points & Pixie Dust is giving away a $200 voucher to Hotel Engine. Basically, Kendra reviewed Hotel Engine and received some questions …

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Is It a Hotel’s Job to Keep Your Secrets?

Cracked released an article on 5 Things You Learn About Rich People by Working at a Nice Hotel a few weeks ago. These “secrets of hotels” type articles bother me a bit because I assume celebrities and rich people go to nice hotels to have a certain degree of privacy from the staff. …

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