M life Benefits on Royal Caribbean (including free cruise!)

In addition to being a partner with Hyatt, M life is also a partner with Royal Caribbean.  You can get a bunch of benefits on through them, including (in some cases) a free cruise:

Mlife Royal Caribbean Benefits

The Onboard Internet Service reminds me just *how* expensive internet is on a cruise and why I probably haven’t taken one in a while–no internet = no blogging or twitter.

The Priority-Check In benefit is huge. The line for my last cruise was enormous. Also, since I’m always paranoid about missing a cruise, the departure lounge is nice.

The benefit people bring up the most to me, though, is the free cruise.  But there is an important asterisk to that free cruise.

Since so many people get free M life status from having Hyatt status, they don’t necessarily want to give out free cruises to anyone.

So they don’t.

Guest gifted M life tier through partnership relationships are not eligible to redeem complimentary cruise.

This is often overlooked and I’ve (sadly) had to disappoint people really excited about this benefit.  For those gifted Noir, I wonder if it is different though, since Noir is invitation only.  But the information does say they look at your tier credit level .

Has anyone actually used their benefits on Royal Caribbean?

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  1. Interesting thing I just noticed: I’ve matched to MLife Gold for my RCL Emerald, but could I then do the reverse in order to get my cash advance fee waived?

  2. all i got using my RC benefits last year was a stack of free drink coupons but that isn’t in itself a bad thing. You had to get the drinks in the casino on the ship also. I’m Hyatt Diamond and I think M Life Platinum not Noir.

  3. actually also got fee waived speciality dinner although that benefit did have a $ cap so limited to only some restaurants on the Allure. I am sure would have received some priority benefits but nothing of any value.

  4. I am taking a free 3 night cruise in two weeks through the Mlife partnership. Well, “free” cruise; $180 in taxes and gratuity. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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