But Is That Country Safe for a Young Woman?!

One of the things I get asked often is, “Isn’t it unsafe to travel by yourself, as a young woman?”

I’m taking a solo trip to Europe next month and I don’t speak the language of the countries I’m going to.  I’ve been asked so many times if I think that’s safe.  I’m not so sure if men get asked that same question.

I discovered a WebComic today that has a long-form series called “Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Traveling“.  While humorous, it also appears to be auto-biographical and highlights the journey she had to take to be okay with traveling alone.

fear stopping you from traveling

For me, I grew up in New York City and I used to have to walk home in the dark a lot when I was a bartender.  I’ve definitely felt safer in an unfamiliar city during the day than I did some nights.

I definitely take weird paths back to my car if someone is behind me and I do hold my keys in between my fingers.  But I’ve never let fear hold me back from traveling.

What about you?  Do you feel unsafe when traveling?  Do people tell you that you should feel unsafe?  What do you do to be cautious?


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